How has Autism touched your life?


Everyone knows someone with Autism.  We want to hear from you.  Please tell us your story.  Feel free to write anonymously.


  1. Sue Spielman says:

    We have a 14 year old son with Autism, Cerebral Palsy along with a few other issues. He was not diagnosed until he was nine years old. We knew things were not quite the same as other kiddos but could not quite put the whole picture together. As difficult as it was to hear the diagnosis, so many things have made more sense now that we know.

    One of the biggest challenges with Autism is the lack of emotion and social abilities. Until these kiddos find a passion for something, they appear not to be interested in anything. Our son has chosen sports as his passion. The rest of the world can move along but if there is any kind of sporting activity going on, he is watching, participating and just now moving into coaching younger kids. He can drive us crazy with this passion but the joy he feels while involved is a joy every one around him feels.

    Adolescence is a particularly difficult time for these kiddos – it is for all kids – but those on the Spectrum who do not understand social cues in the best of situations, find it even more overwhelming when they enter Middle School. This is often the worst time for bullying as the news all too frequently reports. Our son was spiraling down rapidly when he entered 6th Grade but the Assistant Principal at his school suggested he become a manager for some of the sports teams and it turned his life around. Now he not only manages some of the teams but he is a participant in almost all the sports and he feels like he BELONGS and is ACCEPTED by the students and athletes. We have started a chapter of Special Olympics and his basketball team just took the Gold Medal at the State Tournament. He has found his passion!

    • admin says:

      Sue your story is very touching! I am so glad your son has found his passion & you are nurturing it. I very much appreciate you sharing it with us.