Please share with us your experience with the Carbon Valley Half Marathon!


  1. Jean Ditslear says:

    So proud of everyone who participated and the event organizers. What a great success!

  2. Alli Salaman says:

    This was a very well planned event. The organization and traffic control meant all I had to do was run. There was plenty of water, gatorade, bathrooms, and people to help you on the course. I look forward to running this event next year.

  3. Daniel Vicente says:

    Awesome Race, well organized!..great give aways!..great people!, people where very supportive and where great!..couldn’t ask for anything mor ein a race..I truly enjoyed the whole 13.1 miles!..

  4. Ee Wah Koh says:

    A well put together and organized race and for such an awesome cause as that. The course was clearly marked and well supported. A definite ‘must do’ again for next year!

  5. Cindy says:

    I have run several half marathons in their inaugural year, and I do have to say this one was the best organized one. The goodie bags were the best I’ve gotten in a few years as well and I run several races throughout the year, well done.
    Some feedback – Water stations were very close in the beginning, then spread out towards the middle to end, so I would spread them out more in the later distances of the course. Most runners run right past the first couple…and I would consider doing the course in reverse. The hills in the beginning were a big expenditure of energy right up front, especially for those running the entire half.
    Over all it was well done!

  6. Laura Cissell says:

    For an inaugural race, the Carbon Valley was very well organized. There were a LOT of water stations at the beginning but not many on the back half of the race. You may want to reconfigure that in future years. It’s also REALLY hot by 10:00am in May. You may consider starting the race at 7 instead of 8 next year.

  7. William Ayer says:

    The event was a lot of fun and I look forward to running again next year! The only part of the course that I didn’t like was the loop around the lake – the terrain was rocky and uneven and it did a number on my legs for the final couple miles of the run! Maybe you could loop up around the retention pond in Frederick next year. Great job Brenda and everyone who put on the event, and way to go raising $15,000!