2014 Team Relay


The half marathon relay event is open to teams from all walks of life and abilities – corporate, families, friends, women, men, students, open…if you can organize a team of 2 to 4 runners or walkers, then we want you to come and take part!



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Leg one: 3.0 Miles

From the starting line leg 1 will head East through the Firestone Sports Complex to CR 15 and turn North on Frontier Blvd. This leg of the race covers two miles on a dirt road and trail and travels North up a quiet country dirt road and “V” turns to continue SW on the only undevleoped portion of the Firestone Trail. The SW portion of the trail passes the historic turkey farms and continues SW onto the paved portion of the Firestone trail and finishes at the Booth Farms Ave. crossing.

Leg two: 3.7 miles

Leg 2 continues South along the lovely Firestone trail to Pine Cone St. At Pine Cone the route travels west onto the bike path one the North side of Bella Rosa Golf Course and continues through a bit of the Moore Farms neighborhood then traveling West along the bike path to Bobcat St. At Bobcat the route travels South to the West end of the Milevac Lake’s dirt bike path and merges onto the west end bike path of Milevac Lake. This portion then cruises along the West, then South rim of the lake around to the NE corner and then u-turns South along the lower portion of the lake.

Leg three: 2.8 miles

Leg three is the shortest leg and will continue SE along the bike path in Milevac lake park and continues through the tunnel underneath Colorado Blvd and joins with the bike path in Miners Park and continues East along Grant St in historic Firestone and continues to the undeveloped dirt portion of CR 15 then travels North along CR 15 where you are surrounded by the historic Coal Mines which defines the Carbon Valley. The route continues along the East side of Saddleback Golf Course and crosses Pine Cone on a crushed refined trail. A half a mile further down the trail is where this leg finishes at the SE corner of the Central park trail.

Leg four: 3.6 miles

Heads directly West along the South side of Central Park on the crushed refined trail and joins the Northbound lane of the paved Firestone Trail to Sable Ave and then turns directly  East along a paved bike path and then onto the crushed refined trail. At Frontier St the route continues into the historical Casa Grande estate neighborhood for a short distance and a turn around point heading back West to the crushed refined trailhead at Sable and Frontier. This leg will head straight North along the crushed refined trail ¾ of a mile to the finish line.